Recovering a hidden wallet

It’s two-fold question:

  1. when the default wallet is initiated the 24-word phrase is generated and when recovering by using the phrase with any other vendor the common algorithm will produce a new wallet with the same address and the same private key, right?

  2. If on Trezor one created a hidden wallet the recovery of the default wallet won’t recover the hidden one, correct? But by “creating” again a hidden wallet on the new (recovered) instance with the same phrase we’ll generate the same private key as the original hidden wallet had and the will be able to recover and use the coins from the hidden wallet.

Am I right for both questions?

You can use any BIP39 compatible wallet to recover your cryptocurrency with your seed generated by Trezor.

You can’t recover the hidden wallet with entering 25th word directly. First you need to recover the 24th words of the original seed and then set the passphrase in Suite (or other supported interface) to open the hidden wallet.

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