Recover/Restore Monero / Trezor T with seedphrase ▫

I am not sure I understand.

Does this mean that you previously had a Monero GUI software wallet, with Monero GUI generated seed phrase (12 or 24 words), and you lost this seed phrase?

If that’s the case, then your funds stored on this seed phrase are not recoverable.

Does this mean that you created a separate Monero GUI wallet connected to Trezor, and that you sent funds from the software-based wallet to the new address associated with Trezor?

Then these funds should not be affected by what happened to your Monero-GUI-generated seed phrase.
You do, however, need the Trezor-generated seed phrase.

Hi any news on my problem??

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This is correct sir.

I have the seed phrase for my trezor, but i have lost the monero wallet seed phrases + password unfortunately.
Does this mean that my monero is unrecoverable?

If your XMR was not moved to the separate Trezor address, then it is unfortunately unrecoverable.

Thanks for clarifying.
Seems weird that I cant use my trezor to recover lost wallets that are stored on the trezor though.

As you describe it, the funds were never stored on Trezor.

I’ll repeat: did you ever send funds to an address generated by Trezor, that was displayed on Trezor screen for confirmation? If yes, these funds should be recoverable via the Trezor seed. Otherwise they were not on Trezor in the first place.

Does this mean, I can recover Monero GUI wallet with with the password and Trezor seed, without using Trezor Model T hardware?

Unfortunately, no. The seed format that Monero GUI uses is different from the seed format Trezor is using.

I’m told conversion between the formats is possible, but unfortunately nobody has written a tool to do it yet.

Thank you for clearing that up. So one needs to get new Trezor Model T to access the Monero coins. Is it the same with Cardano Adalite wallet?

That depends! if your seed phrase is 24 words, then yes, currently you would need to get a new Trezor T to recover.
If the seed phrase is 12 words (the default), then the seed is compatible with Adalite, Yoroi, Daedalus and other standards-following wallets.

(This is being solved in the Suite integration, btw. Not sure if this feature makes it at first, but at some point in the future it should be possible to move ADA between “Trezor-like”, “Ledger-like” and “Cardano standard” accounts on the same Trezor. Then the recommendation would be to move everything to “Cardano standard” – which is the account that gets recovered by hotwallets. Or you can move to “Ledger-like” if you plan to migrate your seed to a Ledger.)

To add: if you need to access your funds without the Trezor T hardware, you can set up a Trezor T emulator. It’s not really designed for end-users, but the code exists.