Receiving Goerli ETH to Trezor T

I am trying to set up staking on Goerli Nevermind/Nimbus Prater to test everything out before I go live on the mainnet. I have tried to get some Goerli ETH from Goerli Faucet. I use a Trezor T, which supposedly accepts Ethereum Goerli (TGOR). I have used the “receive TGOR” address on my Trezor to get Georli ETH from the faucet, and it hasn’t worked. The faucet says that the send is successful, but there are no coins on my Trezor. Any advice? Are Goerli ETH and TGOR the same thing? Can I receive Goerli ETH on my Trezor T? Many thanks.

Hi @sqwyrel,

I can’t find Ethereum Goerli (TGOR) anywhere but there’s a Goerli ETH (GETH) which is Testnet ETH for the Goerli network. It’s not compatible with Trezor.

Do you have a reference to TGOR – what it is and where you found it? You say Trezor model T supposedly accepts it, but when I search the list of supported coins it’s not found.

I was able to send GETH to my Trezor One, I even have screenshot proof that the Ethereum testnet Goërli is supported . I saw the link you mentioned, but clearly the website has not been updated?

By the way, I also saw that the Trezor One supports the Ropsten network in the latest firmware, but doesn’t work because the Ropsten test network has been deprecated since the Ethereum merge.

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I see from your screenshot that TGOR is in your wallet but you said you transferred GETH. I don’t understand how your GETH transfer could end up as TGOR in the wallet.

It’s possible the website for Supported Coins & Tokens aren’t upto date.

And, as I said above, I’ve not been able to find anything about TGOR in google land. You have to tell where one can find these. So please share some more info if you want help with this.

I don’t have any TGOR. Like you said, it would seem that TGOR doesn’t even exist. Goerli ETH is the only coin supported on the Goerli testnet for Ethereum. On the Trezor T, they list Ethereum Goerli (TGOR) as a supported coin. I assumed that this was support for Goerli ETH. When I try to send Goerli ETH to the receive address for Ethereum Goerli (TGOR) on my Trezor, the coins do not show up. After doing additional research, I believe that the Trezor T does not support Goerli ETH, which is unfortunate. I will have to use another wallet for this purpose. Nonetheless, Trezor should NOT list Ethereum Goerli as a supported coin on the Trezor T, because it is not.

Well, I can’t see Ethereum Goerli is supported on Trezor model T. When the Coins list say it isn’t supported then there’s no way to know when or if it’s ever going to be supported.

If you can add it to your asset list in Trezor Suite then it may be supported there but not in firmware, I don’t know. I’m not qualified to have an opinion.

Sorry for the confusion. Goerli Ethereum network is supported by Trezor devices. This tesnet account can be enabled in “Settings” (the gearwheel symbol in the top right corner of Trezor Suite) under the “Crypto” tab:

​Symbol of Goerli testnet ETH coin is tGOR.

There is also Goerli ETH ERC20 token on ETH mainnet which uses the symbol GETH. It is also supported by Trezor devices as any other ERC20 token.

Once again, sorry for the confusion. The information on our coinlist has been corrected

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Hi @sqwyrel,

can you please share the txID of this testnet transaction?

In order to obtain Goerli ETH from the GoerliFaucet, there must be at least 0.001 real ETH in the wallet. The Trezor T has different receive addresses for real ETH and Goerli ETH. If I use the receive address for Goerli ETH on my Trezor T, then the transaction fails. I assume this is because the Goerli Faucet doesn’t see the real ETH in my wallet. If I use the receive address for real ETH on my Trezor, then the transaction proceeds and generates a transaction hash (0xe2b36a7962b6fe9e6f5a427dfa74ce1beac7897f293a4c4d2ea32cb87b020a80), but the Goerli ETH does not show up in my wallet.

This does not apply to all faucets. You can use a different one. More information here: How to Use Goerli Faucets to Get Testnet ETH | CoinGecko

The reason why you can’t see your testnet coins is that you used mainnet ETH address which is different than the Goerli testnet address under your Goerli testnet account in Trezor Suite. You need to use this testnet address to be able to see your testnet coins under Goerli testnet account.