Receiving ERC-20 tokens

Thank you so much for the quick reply!!
So I guess this list is out of date.

well some people still might have this version of the coin, but on the exchange it’s unlikely

I bought some USDC and I sent it to an USDT address on Trezor ERC20 network.
Apparently the process has been completed and the USDC left my account but never received by the other side.
I’ve already realised that USDC and USDT are different and that I probably have made a mistake but how come the system allowed the transaction to continue and what would happen to my USDC?
Thank you.

they are different coins but the address is same, depends what network you used.

I used ERC20 network
I bought USDC and then sent to USDT ADDRESS wallet?? But now more than 1 month didn’t receive yet.

provide a transaction ID, unless you sent it to USDT contract then your coins are on your ETH address, if you don’t see the address you are in the wrong wallet.

Could you please tell me how I can do it for recovering?

you have both tokens on the address, so there is no issue.

Where are you looking for them? In Suite, in Metamask? What is the address you see there?