Receive to address


I’m new to crypto and wallets so sorry for the newb question. I just finished setting up my Trezor One and I wanted to test sending a bit of my bitcoin to it to make sure everything is working as expected. Under the default Bitcoin #1 account I click Receive and I see the FRESH ADDRESS, click to show full confirm then copy it. I click the X or outside that window and back on the accounts page a new address pops up below. If I click over to dashboards then back to accounts the additional address is no longer there. The one labeled FRESH ADDRESS starts with bc1qz while the one below it is a bc1qt, not sure which to use to transfer to my wallet. I searched support and internet and didn’t find anything.


Hi Rob,

This is expected behaviour.

Trezor Suite does generate fresh bitcoin address for each receiving transaction (as it benefits user’s privacy).
The reason why the address ‘disappears’ from the list if you go back to the dashboard and then back to your account again, is that the address won’t be discovered/displayed if it hasn’t been used in the meantime.

Have a look at the following articles where it’s described in more details:

@zapla, thank you for the response, much appreciated.