Re: Transferring unsupported funds from Coinbase Wallet to Trezor Wallet


I have recently acquired the Model T One wallet from Trezor. I need to transfer Bitcoin Cash from my coinbase wallet as it is no longer supported. How do I do this? I tried the click and receive that generates an address but there is nowhere within my coinbase wallet to display my BCH. Coinbase advise “To view your assets you can: Import your recovery phrase on another self-custody wallet that supports the network you wish to use.” However I am confused please advise and perhaps any steps/suggestions to follow.



Hi @Beastmaster,

Coinbase Wallet stopped supporting BCH. As their support mentioned, you need to import your recovery seed (generated by the Coinbase Wallet) into some different wallet that supports BCH in order to be able to send BCH stored on addresses derived from this recovery seed. More information here: