Question about Passphrase hidden wallet and gaining access from different hardware wallets

I have a hypothetical question about the passphrase. If Trezor went out of business and or the trezor suite was inaccessible I could always type my seed words into another wallet provider that used the BIP-39 standard and gain access to to my coins that way, providing the wallet supported the same coins. But how does that work in respect of a hidden wallet? Can I only gain access the hidden wallet using the passphrase via a Trezor or will it create a 25 word seed with the passphrase as the 25th word?


The passphrase acts as an extra word “25 word”

So in any compatible wallet you would have to input the seed/recovery words + passphrase.

BIP-39 standard Is the standard for passphrases also.

Learn more here:

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