Problem with EOS in bloks .io

Hello Trezor team. A few days ago I found out that Trezor T supports EOS via bloks .io I sent my coins there, but now I can’t withdraw them from there, because for this I need CPU and NET. In general, they can be bought, but it is impossible to do this through Trezor, I get an error. What should I do now? Is it possible to withdraw my coins?

Hi @Arian_Jeflea,

As I understand it, you have stored EOS on your Trezor now, by connecting the device to

I don’t use myself but I’d guess that if you put some CPU and/or NET in a native (local) account on before your try to withdraw the EOS from Trezor to that native account, then it may work.

Thanks for the answer. Yes I understand this. But where can I get these CPUs and NET? I can’t buy them with my Trezor, I get an error. From what I understand from Reddit, many Trezor owners are facing this issue. How can I get CPU and NET on my EOS account?

If offer CPU and NET then you can buy them through that site, otherwise you buy them on a site where they’re offered/supported and withdraw them to’s native account afterwards.

hello, what sort of error are you getting?

I see, thanks.
Every EOS operation works on Trezor, it’s just that the unsupported ones show a danger dialog and raw operation data. So given that this seems to be essential to operation on the EOS network, you should talk to developers to implement support.