Problem with change ETH to BTC on Trezor Suite and Changehero

Hello. 4 days ago I changed ETH to BTC in Trezor Suite. ETH was taken from my account, but I still don’t have BTC in my account. I chose the ChngeHero exchange when exchanging. They wrote that they require KYC, I sent them everything. They also wanted information and proof of where my ETH account came from. When I wrote that from mining, they want proof from where I financed mining. I gradually bought the cards through the bazaar. This is a bit much. ChangeHero demands 25% from the cancellation of the transaction! Please help me, I don’t know how to deal with them

Hi, can you please share trade ID? you can find it in Suite in section trade when you click on the transaction details.

@PeterGSA otherwise, please contact changehero directly: [email protected]