Problem pc moving slow

Hello i have an issue, i already install my trezor suite, also configured my trezor, do all the things, but my problem is when i connect my trezor and open trezor suite app my pc start to work very slow, the mouse start to frozen and its pretty annoying, why this is happening, i already have sent some things to my trezor and everything its working pretty normal but that frozen thing its so annoying, its normal?

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Hi @Potato

I would suggest you checking your CPU, and have a look at other processes running in the task manager. Never heard of an issue that Suite would significantly slowing down the PC performance.

Anyway, consider re-installing Trezor Suite and make sure you have been using the latest FW. Also, if you are experiencing issues with your Trezor Suite desktop app, consider using Trezor Suite web app instead, available from or our stable Trezor Wallet

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It’s the app i tried the web version and my pc its working normally, it’s pretty weird, i already re-installed trezor suite but the problem continues, well i’ll use web app instead of desktop app

Does the same thing happen if you close your browser window(s) when using Suite? What other apps are you using? Things like Slack, Discord, Signal desktop, to name a bunch of the popular ones that eat a lot of RAM.

This sounds like your PC does not have enough RAM for Suite and other things to run at the same time.

Same thing happened to me I Already reinstaled Trezor Suite but not getting anything its still Slow, I’m going to try using trezor website App istead.

In my PC I have 16gb Ram 87gb available on my SD Hard Drive and GTX 1050 Ti. Unfurtunetly the problem its looks like its from the Suite App. since the resources available are enough I dont have any software installed in my PC no more than Firefox and Chrome.