Please help lost BTC on wallet

I transfer BTC to trezor model t on June 23, today Mar24 I open my trezor wallet it show zero balance how to check or fix it. Please help me

Please note, your BTC is binded to your seed-phrase (+ correct passphrase if used), not to any wallet. There should be no problems with restoring them if you have the correct seed phrase saved.
You can also try to create additional accounts with different Derivation path and different account types. It is possible that some funds may be on them.

first I’d lookup on the blockchain that the funds are still on there.
using your address but preferably the xpub lookup the account on blockchain and check it’s there.

Has the xpub changed in trezor since June23 ?

did you use a passphrase back in June23 ?

Sorry for telling more details, i have a liitle knowledge about using hw wallet. I just connect wallet to my computer abd then balance show zero.
On Jun23 my friend transferred BTC to my trezor wallet (my friend still have note the address of sending) and I received it and Now I just open trezor and show zero balance

Could you tell me the step how I can fix it, I have to reset my wallet? Or any thing?
Thank you so much

you need to go through the learn section on the trezor website and understand how these things work to be honest.
I would NOT reset the trezor at this stage (or do a firmware update), you need to be sure you have an accurate backup of your seed phrase, else you will def lose access to the crypto.

I would try and check that the crypto is still there on the blockchain, and not been stolen.
Do some googling and lookup the transaction / address.
Trouble is to try and help with privacy BTC wallets frequently change their addresses, so if you never wrote down your wallet xpub, it can be quite difficult to check the wallet on the trezor, matches the wallet from back in June… this is where the passphrase comes in:
So did you use a passphrase with the wallet ? this is a common issue, since the passphrase generates a different wallet when entered. Again if you did, look at the learn section on trezor.

I haven’t use pass phase, i use standard walket

in that case, unless the seed was compromised the crypto should be there on your trezor.
it could be on a different derivation path I suppose…
The address you have what are the first 5/6 characters, that can help with what type of BTC address you were using.
You might want to google BTC derivation paths.

For my understanding, my BTC will be still on my trezor right? But I have to check the derivation path on googles that where is my BTC belong and if I check how can i restore my btc?

Thank you

Please let me summarize the history
I transferred BTC from trezor to another trezor on Jun 23 use only standard wallet.
I still have note the address number that I transferred BTC and transaction was completed
On Mar24 I just connect my trezor to check and it show zero balance of BTthen now I struggle to this matter how I can fix