Plastic wrap on package was broken, but holographic seal in place, should I use it?

Hi there,

Since Trezor support is leaving me hanging, I’d love some help on this. Maybe devs can do something?

The UPS envelope looked like it had taken a hit, was a little scrunched up in one corner. I didn’t notice anything off with the packing tape sealing the envelope.

Inside the package, the plastic film covered the Trezor box was partially removed and the box itself also a little damaged.

Inside that, everything was in place and the holographic seal over the USB C port on the device was flawless. It peeled off leaving small dots behind it as would be expected.

It looks like the package just took a hit in transit, but don’t want to use it before hearing back from support or at least someone who can say that the holographic seal on the device is a good enough indicator that I’m not about to get effed in the ay plugging this thing into my wallets.

Any thoughts appreciated. <3

Hi, your ticket has been answered and I can see you received the answer.

Everything is mentioned here as well, it’s only transport damage:

Hi, thanks.

I did reply around 2 days but no one got back to me.

If the holographic tape on the USB C port was secured does that mean I shouldn’t need to worry about the fact that the plastic film outside the box was broken?

Your user onboardig process literally asks me to agree that the packaging was intact, and it wasn’t.

yes, important thing is to install FW and create seed