PIN/firmware issues, please help

I have a quick question. It’s been a while since I’ve plugged in my trezor one. I’m getting errors when inputting PIN. I did not update firmware before trying PIN. Is it possible updating firmware will help the scenario assuming PIN is correct? and 2) If i keep trying PIN and it keeps showing error, it will essentially reset the trezor correct? I will be left with a blank one and I would need seed phrase to recover it, but I could choose a new PIN?


Hi @l3gendary,

If your device doesn’t accept the PIN, it means that you using an incorrect one. Every time you enter the wrong PIN, the time you have to wait for another try increases by a power of two. That is the reason why you need to wait so long for another attempt. After 16 incorrect attempts, your device wipes itself, making it possible to access your funds only with the use of your recovery seed.

The best solution to your issue is to factory reset your Trezor, recover your wallet with your recovery seed and set up a PIN again.

You can find information on how to perform a factory reset and set a new PIN in this article:

Answers to your questions:

  1. You will not be able to update firmware before the device is unlocked with the PIN and it wouldn’t help anyway as the FW version does not affect the recognition of the correct PIN.
  2. Yes this is correct.
  3. Yes this is correct.