Phishing email received one day after downloading Trezor Suite app

I recently received a phishing email from “Trezor Support”, below is some details from the email.

Return-Path: <Reconnet [dot] palladiumclos [dot] com>

Dear Trezor Customer,

We regret to inform you that our system is currently experiencing a synchronization issue, which is affecting the loading of your Trezor Wallet accounts. This disruption is due to a temporary problem with our blockchain explorers and network.

Click here to solve the problem
rodmanwoodwork [dot] com/ad/

I received this email the day after downloading the Trezor Suite app from the Trezor website. Prior to this, I haven’t used my Trezor in more than 18 months. I’ve never received phishing emails for Trezor, and I’ve owned my Trezor Model One for many years.

Given the short timeframe between interacting with the Trezor website and receiving this phishing email, I’d be surprised if you don’t have an active data leak.

Hi @koinoyoki,

Thank you for pointing out this phishing email you received. Please note that we do not register any recent data leakage on our end.

These emails usually contain links to phishing websites. A phishing website is designed to lure users into entering their recovery seed online. These websites appear to offer a solution to a fabricated technical problem, but they actually steal the information entered. Once scammers have the recovery seed, they can access and drain the user’s funds. Be cautious and never enter sensitive information on unfamiliar websites.

Phishing emails are usually sent from fake domains such as “” or “”. Our official domain is “” Before clicking any links in an email, it’s important to verify the sender’s address to ensure the email’s authenticity.

Please note that Trezor owners do not have user accounts. Even if you make a purchase in our e-shop, your email address will not be used to create an account, and it will be anonymized after 90 days.

More information in our Trezor Blog and Knowledge Base:

It is essential to understand that you should never reveal your recovery seed, as it is the backup of all your private keys. If your device is stolen, lost, or damaged, you can always use your recovery seed to recover your wallet on another device. This is the reason why recovery seed is so important and it should never be stored online or typed anywhere online. Please, find more information about the importance of the recovery seed in this article:
and in this blog post: Learn about: Recovery seed. The recovery seed is one of the… | by SatoshiLabs | Trezor Blog

Only enter your recovery seed if you are directly asked for it by the trusted display of your Trezor device.