Phishing email alert

Dear Trezor community.

Please be aware of the circulating phishing email that we have been recording in the last few days:

It is a scammy email and the link provided leads to the phishing website.

Please do not take any action and more importantly never import your seed anywhere.

Your wallet and funds are absolutely safe as long as you keep your recovery seed (and passphrase, if used) safe as well.

The best thing you can do is to ignore such email.

Also, we confirm that there was not any recent information leak on our end.
We have already received several inquiries from the users who has never bought the device so they don’t have any history on our shop, neither have they subscribed to our newsletter.

So this is most probably just randomly distributed email that only affects some of Trezor users.

In order to see more general information related to phishing and scams, see following links: