Permanent address

Anyone know how to make permament bitcoin adress in trezor model t?

I’m not sure what you mean. Could you please elaborate a little more?

Like in trezor suite i got fresh adresses,can i use 1 adress a lot times?

Yes, you can reuse old addresses but it’s advisable to use fresh ones every time, for privacy reasons.

I want to create a wallet and accumulate bitcoins and hold, but I need to not have easy access to the wallet

You can create a Hidden wallet, which uses a Passphrase. Such a wallet will not be easily accessable, nor viewable, compared to your Standard wallet, which is accessable after you log in to your device.

Thank you mister,big love,hug,bye bye good luck.

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You’re welcome. Please read about the use of a Passhrase before using it, since it’s not difficult to lose funds if you don’t understand how it works. Good luck!

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