Pending when sending eth

I sent 2 times eth leave the wallet but it’s all pending

hi @YB_Tung

Transactions in Ethereum will be pending (not confirmed) when either (1) you haven’t paid a high enough transaction fee, or (2) other previously submitted transactions from the same wallet are pending.

Regarding (1) fees, the Ethereum network has limited capacity to process transactions. In order to ensure fair access to that limited space, Ethereum adopts a market solution. This means that transactions that include higher fees are the first ones to be processed by miners. If the fee you attached to your submitted transaction is too low and network congestion remains high, there’s a chance your transaction will stay pending for hours or even days. If you’re ok with waiting, in most cases your transaction will eventually go through. However, if you’re in a hurry you can bumb fee (if feature was enabled before you have sent the transaction).

As for (2) transaction sequence, Ethereum is designed such that transactions can only be processed in the order they were submitted. This means that, as long as a previously submitted transaction remains pending (for whatever reason), even if you submit another transaction with a higher fee, that transaction can’t go through until your previously submitted transaction is successfully processed.

Hi, I have a pending ETH transaction for more than 10 hours.
I’m trying to Bump Fee to change 12 GWEI to 50 GWEI (Custom).
I receive a “Not Enought Fund” message than can’t allow me to replace the transaction.
(I have 0.07677 ETH yet).