PENDING Transaction in Trezor Suite

First time using Trezor Suite for an exchange. What a catastrophe. My transaction has been pending forever. The forum notes say there is a BUMP button for BTC and ETH transactions, but I don’t have one. What’s with that?

Anybody have any ideas besides waiting for 2 weeks?


hi @Neil could you please create a ticket using following form and include the TxID ? Also, please get back to me here with a ticket ID, thank you

@Neil I have the same issue. Transaction has been pending for 6 days after sending BTC from another wallet to trezor. Did you figure it out?

if it is from another wallet to Trezor then I suggest to contact that other wallet/exchange, if you provided correct BTC adddress from Trezor and you are looking into correct wallet then there is not much we can do

@forgi it was from another wallet to trezor. the total amount of funds that were sent are shown in the trezor account balance. the blockchain explorer shows the transaction as confirmed. i also clicked send/send max from the trezor and the total amount populates. could it just be that the pending transaction notification on trezor hasn’t updated?

so you don’t have any issue ? Yes, it will update the status

i believe that’s the case, my only concern is that the pending notification hasn’t updated in a few days. it’s my first time using trezor. as long as the account balance is there and the blockchain confirmed, i’m good?

yes, what is on the blockchain is always correct, if it does not show up in Suite, reset the app in the settings