PC Crashed and did a clean windows install, do I need to 'restore' my trezor?

My PC Crashed over the weekend and I had to do a clean reinstall of windows etc. At this point I managed to restore my Exodus wallet using the pass phrase, and I got my Trezor Model T connected. I just installed the Trezor Suite and got as far as the Security Check.
I know that I’m OK with the trezor and it is configured, but I don’t know if I just hit ‘Access Suite’ and I’m good (since the Trezor retains everything) or if I’ll need to do any kind of restore.
Again, the Trezor itself has had no problems, I just had to rebuild the PC and reinstall the Trezor Suite.
I’ve paused at the ‘security check’ just to be safe.
If someone can confirm how to proceed I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Hi @229Mick,

from your description, it looks like you initialized your Trezor Model T from the beginning, which means no seed was stored in your Trezor.
Initialization is described here: https://trezor.io/learn/a/get-started-with-the-model-t

In case you already have some recovery seed that was generated by Trezor before and you store some funds in wallet backed up by this recovery seed, you need to recover this particular seed to your Trezor device. Instructions on how to perform recovery process can be found in this article: https://trezor.io/learn/a/recover-wallet-on-model-t

Thanks for your response, in the interim I clicked the ‘access suite’ button, it had me enter my pin on the Trezor, and everything was there. No restore needed.