Passphrase with Trezor One

I know that the Trezor Model T allows passphrase input from the device.
Can Trezor One also enter passphrase from the device? Or computer only?

Hi @kinnzoku,

it is not possible to enter a passphrase directly on Trezor Model One. You can enter it only via computer.

considering the TS3 has been mentioned to support this and the TS3 has the same input capabilities as the T1, any chance this might get ported?

Hi @My1,

Trezor Safe 3 offers the possibility to enter the passphrase directly via the device. However, you can still choose to enter the passphrase via your computer (keyboard).

I think you misunderstood me. What i meant is will the direct input methods from the TS3 be ported to the t1.

Oh, I see, thanks for the clarification. No, these passphrase input capabilities will not be ported to Trezor Model One as both devices use entirely different firmware.

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I see kinda sad it would be nice? Especially as iirc a long while ago there wwre plans to unify the fw and no idea about the hardware capabilities otherwise between the t1 and ts3, but having them be basically the same minus the secure chip interactions might have been neat.