Pass phrase or Seed phrase

Hi I am using Trezor T, unfortunately I am not able to wirite down the seed phrase… and setup the passphrase. currently I am still using the non passphrase account with Axie infinity and is working fine, but now i want to use again to other nft game via metamask, but all transactions is not proceding and i think it is the trezor issue, and I need to update my trezor. But I do noth have both passphrase and seed, for sure if i update all my axie data’s and assets will be lost. I tried sending my assets on other metamask account but still cannot proceed. Any way i can see or setup either passphrase or seed of ronin?

You mean, you can’t send your assets from trezor to somewhere else right now?

i mean, from metamask to other metamask account. im sure no issue on metamask. it is just that i cannot update my trezor software coz i dont have the seed phrase. someone told me to update firmware for trezor. any way where can i view my seed phrase if i already lost it?

you can not.
All you need to do is to send all the assets in your trezor to other wallets (not trezor generated wallets), including hidden assets in wallets. When sending, if wallets such as ronin and MM have hardware wallet assets shared with trezor, they should also send them away. Clear all wallets associated with your trezor device.
Then empty the device, upgrade, create a new wallet with a new seed phrase. This time, take a good backup of your seed phrase. Multiple locations, multiple backups.
Then send the assets to your new trezor wallet.

Oh ok ok. thanks. but still my MM under trezor still cannot send the assets to other MM not under trezor. the last command to be done at trezor to complete the transfer will suddenly disappear cancelling the transfer.

I suggest you try a new browser and try again. My trezor works fine on Google Chrome, but MM freezes the browser on Firefox.