Pali Wallet does not work properly with Trezor

I have had no problem transferring funds to the wallet linked to the Pali Wallet. However, I can’t send funds, because after clicking on the confirm button, I get the error that I attach in the image and my funds have been frozen.

Error trying send Sys

The integration of Trezor with Pali Wallet does not seem to be working properly.

I then tried Electrum Sys, and it didn’t work for me either. The truth is that Trezor does not work for Syscoin, they should remove Syscoin from the list of supported currencies, because it is not true.

Have you used this address to send other assets out?

I have only tried sending 1 Sys to the other Pali Wallet address, as I was testing Trezor’s validation when transferring funds. But when I confirm the transaction, I get this message. I have the feeling that it could be an API error, but I can’t say for sure. I still need to test it with other Wallets and other tokens to rule out that Trezor has a fault.

Is this wallet address you created the same as the one in the suite?

They are different, as the address is Syscoin’s own. In terms of security, it is the same as the suite but with the use of an additional passphrase.

Anyway, I did some research and ended up on Syscoin’s Discord, and on the Pali Wallet channel. It seems to be a bug in the latest version of Pali Wallet, and they recommend downloading an older version from their GitHub. I’ve done it, but I got an error when installing, so I’ll have to wait for a new version of Pali Wallet.

Thanks for your help, mate.

If you want to use Syscoin Mainnet, you can use metamask to connect to trezor.

Yes, I have seen it. But it seems to me that you have to use the bridge. I think I’d rather wait for Pali Wallet to fix the problem, and that it can be used in Pegasys.