Pairing Trezor with Metamask

Hi, just had my Mac recently ‘cleaned’ and now Chrome is asking me to pair my MM with my Trezor when I’m trying to send a transaction as one of my accounts on MM is protected by my Trezor wallet. I’ve tried but failed pairing it when the MM box opens saying connect. Do I need to do something in the Chrome privacy settings ? I’m not techie so grateful for any help.

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Try separate browser

Hello @Jules,

I recommend going through this article showing how to properly connect the Trezor with Metamask:

Also, I recommend checking the most common issues related to Metamask and Trezor:

Just some advice if you’re going to use your Trezor with MetaMask

I would

  1. make a separate account in Trezor suite to be used exclusively within MetaMask

  2. set the account up in Trezor Suite 1st that way, you know you have full access to it(i’ve seen Cases where a lot of people are miss typing a passphrase or whatever incorrectly sending funds to the account and then saying oh the trezor account disappeared within MetaMask)