Over 80 confirmation notifications of same BTC transaction for over 9 hours but Trezor account still PENDING

My first transactions using Trezor Model T to move my crypto from Coinbase to the Trezor hard wallet. I followed the instructions step by step.

I successfully moved my ETH and DOGE from my coinbase to the Trezor Model T with no issues. My bitcoin however seems to be continuously stuck in some kind of confirmation loop. I read that you have to wait for up to six confirmations until the crypto is considered safely in the account. But I have received way over that many and for over 9 hours…it’s still confirming as we speak right now. I get confirmations about once every 20 mins or so.

Message in the notifications appear like so: " Transaction ____ BTC on Bitcoin #1 successfully confirmed Feb 13, 2022 • 10:56

Meanwhile… curiously my Trezor dashboard shows the proper BTC balance… but still shows the amount PENDING in the transactions listing and has been that way for over 9 hours.

I have been searching for over three hours to find a way to talk to someone…please assist. Thanks.

if it is showing the right balance then everything is fine, it will get updated.

You can check if your tx is completed here: https://btc1.trezor.io/, https://www.blockchain.com/explorer

Ok…thanks. I’ll wait for it to confirm. Sorry if a newbie question, but the internet says only six confirmations would be needed and it would resolve after a couple hours. Thanks for your help.

So I just checked after leaving it for about 7 hours. Re-connected my Trezor and now all the notifications are gone…all of them. Including the legit ones for both my ETH and DOGE transactions.

My BTC transaction in the transaction list is ALSO missing. The only transactions showing now is the initial $100 (0.00236914 BTC) test transaction I made at the very beginning and the successful (zero problem) ones for my ETH and DOGE coins.

The true BTC transaction that was the largest share of my funds is not listed under the transactions list. It says there were two transactions made in the BTC account but only shows one for some reason.

But the total balance of all three cryptos is correct.on both the Dashboard and the Account page on Trezor Suite. I don’t understand why this is so confusing.

And then for whatever reason 8 hours later …it is now showing. Sure could prevent alot of heartburn and less panic if stuff would update in a timely manner. Checkin…out.

as I told you it would update

This topic is closely related to mine I believe, but Trezor Suite never showed pending or showed any indication of the transaction received. I did a test run prior to this last one and it worked. On the next attempt, I used a newly generated address from Trezor Suite. However, the other hardware wallet I sent it from shows sent with 64 confirmation. How long does it take to update Trezor Suite Balance and show a received transaction?
Thank you.

@ED312 as long as you used correct address and you are looking into correct wallet it will arrive, it depends on what fee you used