Old vs New Model T, Different screens.

Hi there, I’ve had multiple Trezor’s over the years. I noticed different gamma / hue on my old Model T compared to a new one. Both purchased from trezor.io, I was wondering has Trezor switched manufactures or supply chain for the touch screen on the Model T before?

You can obviously understand why this is concerning, the same wallet purchased multiple times shouldn’t have such differences without any statement from Trezor themselves.

Yes, we have switched display panel vendors several years back. The newer screens are brighter, have better viewing angles, and as a result the gamma is tuned slightly differently. Both your units are fine.

I’m not sure what sort of “statement” you would expect? Changing vendors of certain components is a normal part of any manufacturing process.

I agree that you should be able to verify that the BOM is legitimate. The hardware page lists multiple acceptable display controllers, and the BOM presumably includes this panel, but I am not sure if we track history of the BOM.

In any case, good of you to ask, I can (again) confirm that both display panels were used in legitimate Trezors at some point.

Hi matejcik,

Thank you for the swift response.

I suppose this was somewhat rude on my part however, never can be too careful these days and I couldn’t find an documentation stating that changes had been made. It’s good that this is now stated publicly so if anyone finds themselves facing the same concerns as myself.

Hope you have a nice day.

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