Old Trezor not updated questions for a newbie please - will update firmware delete my bitcoin?

Hi, I put a bitcoin on my trezor back in about 2015 and then put it away.
I have two questions:

  1. If I update the firmware will that delete my bitcoin?
  2. The trezor was put away before the hard fork how can I tell if now have bitcoin or bitcoin cash?
    Newby here any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @Bill4711,

  1. No. Note that you should update the Firmware one version at a time, from the one you have now, to ensure correct functionality. That is, don’t update directly to the newest available Firmware, but do it step-by-step through the older versions towards the newest one.

Before you update the Firmware, you should check that your private/recovery seed** is correct. If you didn’t write down your Recovery seed or can’t find it now, you should move your Bitcoins out of the Trezor wallet with the current Firmware you have on your device before trying to update the Firmware, in case the Firmware update goes wrong. If the Firmware update goes wrong and you end up having to wipe your Trezor device to re-initalize it, there’s no way to recover your Bitcoin without your recovery seed.

To check your recovery seed prior to old firmware update, try using the older Trezor Wallet, available from https://old-wallet.trezor.io/. A newer version is available too at https://wallet.trezor.io. For more info, see Dry-run recovery. Testing your recovery seed is also available in Trezor Suite (see below for more info about Trezor Suite).

Also, please update your Trezor Bridge software after updating the Firmware.

There’s also a new wallet software, called Trezor Suite. You can etiher use Trezor Suite’s website version or download and use the desktop version of Trezor Suite. Trezor Suite is the future Trezor wallet and the old web wallets will eventually be replaced by Trezor Suite.

Note that you should disconnect and reconnect your Trezor device after the updates. Possible between each Firmware update too (I’m not sure, but I’d do that if I were you).

  1. There has been a number of hard forks of Bitcoin since 2015, but the original Bitcoin blockchain isn’t affected - it’s always*** the new fork’s blockchain that’s different from the original. So your original Bitcoins should be fine on the original blockchain. So you chould see your Bitcoins as BTC.

** The 24 english words on Trezor Model One, made with the Backup procedure during your initial setup of the Trezor device.

*** some other coins/tokens have done hard forks that ousted the original blockchain (e.g. Lisk’s hard fork recently), but I haven’t heard that Bitcoin ever did that.

Thanks Petosiris much appreciated :slight_smile: All the best

You’re welcome, Bill. Happy I could help. And good luck with updating your Trezor. Please don’t hesitate to come back if you have more questions.