Not sure if seed phrase is tied to Trezor

Hi…installed Trezor today but I’m not sure I have a seed recovery tied to my ledger. I had metamask web extension installed with nodes and assets already in them. My goal was to transfer those assets to the ledger for protection. I followed a video instruction to transfer this properly and I believe I did so. My concerned because I would think that I would have to create new seed phrasees for the ledger. To get the assets into the ledger, I had to type in the metamask seed phrase onto the touch screen on the Trezor. Did this become the seed phrase for Trezor? I just want to make sure that I’m protected if I lose my ledger or if it breaks. Now that those assets belong to Trezor, what does the metamask seed phrase do anymore. Thank you in advance for any help.


It is strongly not recommended that you do this
MM is a hot wallet, and the seed phrase of the hot wallet can be obtained by hackers.
If the seeds of your MM have been obtained by hackers, then the seeds you imported into MM using trezor are already in the hands of hackers.
The meaning of trezor’s existence is as a cold wallet. That is, generating off-network seed phrases in the device.

Ok, how do I go about setting up the seed phrase sine all my assets are already on the trezor?

If you restore the trezor using the hot wallet seed, then I have no suggestion. Because I can’t be sure if your trezor is safe.

send them elsewhere, wipe the Trezor and set it up again