Not sure if I created a second empty hidden wallet?

Revisiting an old issue. My mom had a stroke and I had to drop it 8 months ago. At the time, I messed up an attempt to send BTC to my Trezor. I assume I either sent it to crypto heaven (wrong address??) or lost my mind and somehow confirmed a second empty hidden wallet. My question is – if it’s the dreaded hidden wallet issue, should my “Wallets” screen show “3 wallets: Standard wallet – Hidden wallet #1 – Hidden wallet #2”? Because it shows only the standard wallet and my known hidden wallet 1. I hope this makes sense.

Hi, Trezor Suite wallet interface won’t show you all of your previously created (and used) Hidden wallets the way you described.

When the passphrase feature is on (default settings), it just gives you option to choose either Standard or Hidden (passphrase protected) wallet.

In order to get into the same hidden wallet repeatedly you just have to enter exactly the same passphrase as you did when you used its address to recieve your funds.