Not able to receive BTC trade


Iam trying to send some BTC from etoro wallet and coinbase wallet to my new trezor, but unfortunately its not possible. Its not even possible to send to my adress. I have trezor set up - in coinbase or etoro i click on send and scan my QR code in trezor app and there is error - something went wrong.

Do you have any idea? Is there any minimum amount?

Hei @mrca10

If I am not mistaken on Coinbase you have to validated/allow the address in coinbase so that after you can withdraw.
You have to tell the coinbase app that you allow withdrawals to that address and they will validate it.
After this I think they hold your withdrawal request for 5 or 7 days and obly after that you are allowed to withdraw.

Your issue has nothing to do with Trezor but with exchange withdrawal rules.

Check with them or there faqs to see the correct procedure.