No response from support email

Hello, I submitted a support ticket vie the trezor website chat. I didn’t receive any email confirmation though?
The issue is that my replacement Trezor Model One? is not recognised by Linux Mint 21.3 Virginia Cinnamon 64-bit.
I’m now in the Trezor Suite and Download udev rules shows, Gathering information, please wait… for hours.

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you have the bridge working and udev rules installed ?
I’m on mint with model T and all is fine.

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Test. The moderators didn’t publish my previous reply.

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I attached an image.
Basically, I’ve now submitted 2 support requests with no email confirmation.

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Just lodged a 2nd ticket 225006 and a 3rd ticket 225245. No emailed received ‘shortly’, it’s bee about a week now.
Do better Trezor, I might have to buy 2 Cold Cards.

Hi, looks like the tickets were incorrectly marked as spam in our filter, you should have a response now.

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Trezor is a joke.
Just had a response from Trezor Twitter marketing as that seems to be a space where Trezor reacts to comments. I commented that Trezor support rates a -10 and doesn’t respond.
Trezor Twitter marketing is so asinine that retorted the July 2023 ticket was closed. Trezor needs to put their thinking caps on, as this support request is for April 2024, after the July 2023 ticket was closed around December 2023 after much ado.

@doge I actually answered with an image, but Trezor forum deleted the reply without telling me (just said reply is awaiting moderation approval).
Yes, my LM 21.3 Virginia Cinnamon 64-bit has udev rules, which I found out after manually installing a 2nd time to receive the error: already intalled.
I tried the Trezor Suite troubleshooting step to install udev and Trezor Suite just showed work in progress for hours with nothing happening.
Cannot recommend Trezor, looks like Cold Card is better for people.

so you have the bridge working? Yes ?

I have set it up on my Main PC Linux without much trouble really.
And an old laptop with Lubuntu on it, again no problem.
Have to say, I’m lovin trezor, it’s my preferred wallet now.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what ‘the bridge working’ means?

I just plug the Trezor in and said issue.

Update: retried and Trezor Suite update may recognise device now?
I was able to proceed to Recovery Wallet and to check the device, however now the device has a black screen and is hot to touch.
I’ve lodged a new 4th or 5th ticket to Trezor, however they don’t even reply with a confirmation email (to do different email addresses which work with all other communications).

look through the trezor learn/ knowledger section and check you have trezor bridge working properly.

test using the link in previous message.
If the bridge is not working, you won’t get very far.
If the screen is black, try a different cable

I have the same issue with Trezor support - you dont get responses to messages/emails.