No hologram leftovers on back side of Treezor Model T

I bought Trezor Model T from authorised reseller, took off sticker and there is no hologram leftovers on back side. It’s my second Trezor Model T, and previous device had hologram leftovers on both sides.
Also there is official video where I can clearly can see leftovers of hologram on both sides of device:

What to do?

Hi @Random

This is affected by the amount of glue and probably your skill. but there is certainly no reason to be concerned.
This device is definitely legit and safe to use.

Apart from the physical tamper-evident hologram, our devices also use software safeguards against tampering. The device firmware and bootloader are signed by SatoshiLabs, and these signatures are checked whenever you start the device. The Trezor device will warn you if the signatures are invalid.

Most important, we dispatch all of our devices without preinstalled firmware. Therefore your can conveniently check that there isn’t any preinstalled malicious firmware.

Thank you, please delete topic