No funds in my wallet

im waiting 1 week for my btc transfer from Binance to my Trezor wallet, its already confirmed in txid but the funds are not in my balance. why this happened?

hi @Hugo

What wallet interface do you use? or ?
Also could you please share beginning of your receiving address ? (first three symbols will do).

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I’m using suite in iOS deskptop, this was the address ( bc1 ). Every time i connect the trezor generate a different address when I’m in the withdrawals area

alright thx @Hugo could you please submit a request using this form and get back to me here with a ticket ID.
We will figure out what is the issue via email as some sensitive info such as TxIDs or screenshots will be required :wink:

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nice! I already complete the form. when I have de ID i send it to you. thank you

it is in the subject of the email that you should receive right after

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ok, im just waiting.

It’s normal wait so long for the answer. I check it my email every day.

no, it is autoreply so it should be in metter of minutes…
Have you checked your spam folder as well ?

No, nothing yet. I do it again ?

yes please, thank you

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ok this time apparently works ticket ID: 102913

Sorry I don’t want to be annoying. Any update about the my ussue. Thank you !

Hi @Hugo please check your inbox, your ticket has just been answered.

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Hi, if you find the reason (and the remedy) why the funds did not come from binance to trezor, could you please share this info? Many thanks. Pavel

sure, we are trying to find the issue