No access to hidden wallet - lost passphrase

I have tokens on a hidden address / wallet on a metamask secured with Trezor. I probably used a passphrase by accident, making a typo, which I do not know now, because the connected hardware wallets to Metamask (by typing different passphrases) have a different address and do not have any coins. I can still see tokens on etherscan at the wallet address I know. Is it possible to regain access to this wallet with a hardware token and seed for it and a proof of purchase of a trezor, but not knowing the passphrase? I would be so grateful for your help and hope I didn’t screw it up seriously.

Of course it is impossible.
You are the owner of your hardware wallet. No one can know your secret phrase.
I suggest you try your usual passwords, even the trezor pin, which can be mistakenly entered as a passphrase.

Thank you, It helped :D.