NFT to Trezor erc721

Hi…made a mistake and sent a erc721 token directly to an erc20 address in my trezor. Need help… I really hope I didn’t lose this nft…

Bianca…thank you for getting back!

The problem deepens…the address I sent it to I can’t find it on my trezor any more… I named this account yesterday and saved it and now it’s not there…(it was on my main account - not a hidden wallet!)

I created a new account on my trezor this a.m. and the name of the aforementioned address appears but the address is different. It makes no sense.

I know this went to an address in my trezor so I hope I still have access to this nft somehow/someway… I have verified the transaction on so I know it went through…but I cannot find that address I sent it to on my trezor(!).

You’re so kind to help…I truly appreciate it.

Duh…just realized what you suggested…let me try that first! Thank you…

I can’t reverse the transaction from the wallet…I could have stopped it but it’s too late for that… I need to find it on my trezor address somehow.


Just going to detail this out so if you’re still up for helping you understand situation.

I sent a erc721 token to trezor using my metamask wallet. Unfortunately I had already set up a trezor account in my metamask but for some reason didn’t use it and created a new erc20 account (that no longer shows up in trezor) where I copy/pasted the address into metamask to send the NFT.

The transaction is verified on the blockchain but it never showed up yesterday in that account I created and now i don’t even see that account on my trezor.

This morning I tried to create a new ERC20 account in my trezor and it popped up with the name I created for the aforementioned account (the one I sent the NFT to yesterday) but the address was different. And I just checked my trezor again and that new account (same name as one I created yesterday but different address) is now missing too… I don’t get it.

Complicated, too much info, but that’s the story. I’ve heard suggestions of using MEW (myetherwallet) to getting a new wallet and entering in the seedphrase of my trezor (which would render my trezor insecure). I’m at a total loss. This nft is worth some money…not crazy money, but I’m going to be just short of devastated if I lose it. Any help greatly appreciated.

I cannot mint from a NFT website with trezor
it always says declined / error, what is going on?

i have only 3 more hours to mint, and my trezor wont let me mint
what the hell

Hi all… I’m an idiot.

For those who may find themselves in a similar situation I want to detail what happened…

I created a new account in my trezor and copy pasted/verified the address and sent my nft from metamask to this address. Of course it didn’t show up in metamask because there was nothing put in that particular address. This is where I became extremely confused even though my initial research told me that ERC-20 token accounts will not show ERC-721 tokens.

But when i viewed the etherscan it showed my metamask wallet to my newly created trezor wallet but then there was further detail of yet another address it was actually sent to…this is when I started to panic and believed I had lost a valuable nft.

Long story short…you find yourself in a similar position connect your metamask to your trezor then go back to metamask and connect to hardware wallet. From there accounts showed up that I didn’t even see (and still can’t see) on my trezor suite. It’s very strange but that’s what it is… Hope this helps someone if ever you find yourself in the position I was in today…which was horrible.

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