NFT in my trust wallet

Can someone please help me, so I get these NFT coupons in my trust wallet. So I go to the websites that seem legit and so far after connecting my wallet and paying for what I thought was the NFT reward. I’ve lost all my Shiba Inu tokens, my baby doge tokens and men Xen tokens. They show on etherscan. But idk how to read and why they just took my tokens for connecting my wallet like the NFT coupons said to. Can. Someone help me? Did I just get scammed and even tho it shows on etherscan where they went I can never get them back? Or did I get something for them? I have no idea and need someone’s help to answer this. Please help if anyone can

Man, I’m sorry but it looks like you got scammed. I also receive a lot of these NFTs in my Trust wallet, you should never trust them ! It just pure scams trying to make you think you won an airdrop, but actually when you go to the website, you connect your wallet and your crypto are gone. If you saw the transaction on Etherscan, then I’m afraid you lost your tokens forever. That’s sad but you can grow from this and remember your error for next time. Just keep in mind that :

  • You should never trust incoming NFTs, transactions or anyone you don’t know about
  • You should pay attention to the transaction proposed when connecting your wallet. Basically, when you have a website with which you can interact with your wallet, they absolutely have to ask for permission to pass transaction on behalf of you. My guess here is that tou didn’t look that much at what you approved, and among things you approved, they were some transaction to send your token to another address
  • Sometimes, you could have a vulnerability inside your wallet extension, that can allow the website to siphon your whole wallet. Although it is theoritically possible, that seems unlikely, but you never know
  • In general, you should have a good hygiene regarding your web browsing security

So to conclude, your cryptos are lost forever, sorry man, but now you won’t reproduce this error. Good luck in your future endeavors man !