Newbie needing help!

Hello, I currently have my coin stored on a Trezor cold wallet. I would like to turn a portion of my coin into cash via Bull Bitcoin. I am in Canada, and it was recommended as the best place to cash in bitcoin.
I can’t figure out how to take some of the bitcoin investment that is on my cold wallet and fund a bull bitcoin account so that I can cash some in. Please excuse my ignorance, I’m brand new to all of this. :pray:

Never heard of Bull Bitcoin, however.
If what your trying to do is put your coin on a Exchange, then normally they would give you a deposit address, which you then send the BTC to using trezor suite.

As always, triple check addresses, transactions are FINAL, you can’t recover from mistakes on blockchain. Never do things like this when in a hurry and always be fully informed before doing anything.


Hi @Persephone,

I would like to add that you can find information on how to send cryptocurrencies in Trezor Suite at