New Trezor - "Something seems off. Contact support."

Hey there! I currently own a Trezor Model T and love it. I bought another one for another account and during set up, notice this message at the bottom of the screen: Something seems off. Contact support."

I do not recall this being there during my first Model T setup. The device checked all criteria: hologram intact, I bought from official Trezor shop on Amazon and the package wasn’t tampered with.

Could this be because I’ve now plugged in two different trezors? Reason to worry? Anything I can/should do to wipe this wallet and ensure it’s safe? Thanks in advance for your help!

Please try to reset the device to the factory setting again and then install the firmware again.

In order to do so enter the bootloader (Trezor T - enter bootloader mode easily - YouTube) and connect with Trezor Wallet at - you will find the option set the device to the factory settins.

I wiped and factory reset. This means I can now connect and use the wallet confidently?

Because I am still getting the “something seems off” message at the bottom of the screen

this message appears usually if you skip some step in onboarding process or firmware is already installed but you don’t back up your device right away. If you have done factory reset before you can proceed and either setup new wallet or recover the old one.