New Trezor One missing user manual and screen protector

I just purchased my Trezor One from Satoshilabs Amazon. The exterior packaging seemed fine, with the holographic seals and strong glue intact. However, when I opened the box it was missing the screen protector film on the device, as well as the user manual. The recovery seed cards also look different, as they say “Device Label” on the front.

Is this device safe to use, or should I return it? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Same question here : perfect packaging, strong glue and everything.
I dont have neither the film protector.
I also have a question about the Trezor : the product is nice, but it seems not “new”. I mean, there is a little scratch on it. I really dont care if the Trezor was reconditionned, but can you please confirm me its ok? I mean, if it really is a refurbished product im ok with that IF you change the private key/seed phrase.

Im sorry for my english, but i really want to be sure the Trezor is safe.

Thanks <3

Hi guys I just got confirmation from our quality control department that this issue (missing screen protecting foil) can occasionally happen but I have been assured that more consideration will be given to this part of the device assembly.
We are sorry for inconveniences caused.

Anyway as long as the device is purchased from our official reseller and holographic seals are intact the device is definitely legit and safe to use.

Apart from the physical tamper-evident hologram, our devices also use software safeguards against tampering. The device firmware and bootloader are signed by SatoshiLabs, and these signatures are checked whenever you start the device. The Trezor device will warn you if the signatures are invalid.

Most important, we dispatch all of our devices without preinstalled firmware. Therefore your can conveniently check that there isn’t any preinstalled malicious firmware.

Its ok about the screen protection. Don’t worry.
I dont know if i had a firmware preinstalled (i dont think).
I just know that i did an update and know im up to date :

How can i know if i got a malicious firmware preinstalled?

Sorry to be worried like this but i dont want to stock my things on the key and get hacked or something :frowning:

There is no need to be sorry. Its good that you are cautious :+1:

Trezor has baked-in public keys of Satoshi Labs, and can verify that the firmware is OK by itself.
To prevent malicious updates, only firmware properly signed by SatoshiLabs can be installed without additional user confirmation.

If you installed an unofficial firmware, you would get a red screen every time you connect the device.

Sounds good, thanks all!

OK so :
i bought my Trezor on Amazon, with official link.
The package was really nice.
My Trezor has a little scratch on the top but it doesnt matter.
I installed the new firmware from Trezor Suite, i saved my seed phrase and nothing wrong happened like red screen or what.

Can you confirm me im really safe and i dont need to send it back to amazon plz? :smiley:

yes, you are ready to safely hodl your coins!
as long as you follow security best practices :v: