New Token Address for RSR

RSR (ReserveRights) token has a new address. (0x320623b8E4fF03373931769A31Fc52A4E78B5d70) as per Etherscan & RSR (

I’m not sure if it’s related but i cannot send my RSR tokens to any of my wallets, the transaction just keeps failing and i’ve tried increasing the fees… unrelated. Addresses were double checked and everything else is in order. I’ve done this before without issue and i’m assuming it might be due to RSR’s new contract address.

When will the new address be supported? I would have assumed nothing would have been required considering the token are simply sitting in my Trezor wallet and not staked anywhere… any ideas?

In Suite in Tokens section, click three dost and click button Add token, paste this address: 0x320623b8e4ff03373931769a31fc52a4e78b5d70

According to RSR that is all that needs to be done:

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Thanks, that worked! Just needed to add the new address into Suite to make it happen.