New to Trezor T.... Can't see my ONDO or BONK

Good morning. Hello everyone… New to Trezor and getting familiar with it… i transferred Ondo to Trezor T… its in my Ether folder… Can create its own folder??? in other words, it doesnt show my balance… I have to click on “Tokens” to see … Same applies for BONK… its in my Solana folder but can’t see it unless I click on “Tokens”… is that how its supposed to be or am i just mentally challenged??

Yeah because they are tokens of those chains (eg Bonk on Solana) that is how they will show up.
You have to remember some people could have many many tokens on a chain, so to stop the UI becoming blocked up with stuff, they are shown as tokens under whichever chain they belong.

A word of warning solana chain is a bit of a mess right now, so you may find that send transactions on SOL and/or SOL tokens (eg BONK) don’t work well.

I’ve had reasonable success getting them through using trezor paired with the nufi wallet.

Ok got it…thought i was doing something wrong

Thank you! Appreciate the feedback! Still learning this thing

Hi @GinoZ,

You can also enable “Early Access Program” and update to the very latest (not publicly released yet) version 24.1.1. In the latest version, the fiat value of all tokens in the account can be seen in the list of all accounts:

Information about Early Access Program can be found at Trezor Suite desktop application settings
(in the section “Experimental features (optional)”)

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