New to Trezor / Exodus

Apologies for being new, but would someone please confirm for me that my Exodus Account is being Secured by my Trezor device?

So that means I don’t need a 12 word phrase to back up Exodus - because that will be handled by the Trezor (in fact it never asked me to set up a pass phrase).

My Exodus didn’t even ask me to set up a password. Is that correct? Perhaps it was because I had my Trezor connected at the time?

Is there any way of creating separate ‘accounts’ in my Exodus - say one XRP for myself and one XRP for my girlfriend ? This doesn’t seem possible in Trezor itself.

Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. Will contact them.

Hello @smithmatthew02

Yes this is true if you pair correctly your trezor with exodus.
Your keys from the multiple the coins/tokens are stored in trezor and exodus serves as a user interface. (The recovery seed words/phrase given when initiating trezor is the backup to all your wallets portfolios that you have paired on exodus)
Everytime you want to move funds you need to sign your tx on with trezor.

Please check the link
Managing portfolios Exodus

Only the coins wallets on the exodus trezor portfolio can be recovered with the seed word/phrase given with trezor
The coins tokens on the exodus portfolio need the seed word/phrase given by the exodus wallet.

Be sure to read carefully and test with small amounts before sending all your funds.

Good luck