New Loptop for trezor cold wallet

I just bought dedicated loptop which will be used just for cold storage’s. In order to move my wallet from old PC to new loptop i just need to install trezor app on new loptop and do a recovery wallet?

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Hi @Djamur,

You just have to install Trezor Suite on the new laptop and enable the coins you have in Trezor Suite. No need to perform a Backup recovery, unless you have wiped your Trezor device.

The keys to your wallet is in your device, not in Trezor Suite, and your funds are in the blockchain(s), not in Trezor Suite or your device.

To enable your coins in Trezor Suite, go to Settings → Crypto → Crypto

Remember that if you have stored Labels locally on your (old) PC, then you’ll have to transfer them to your new laptop.