New email to update my Trezor

I received an email on 23 June that looks very official from " [email protected] " telling me Trezor is migrating to a new server and I need to click on a link to update my wallet. Is this legit?

@082908 almost certain it’s a scam.

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Why do you choose a nickname like that, @TrezorSup? You just registered today and this is your first post here. Do not try to impersonate as an official support personel from Trezor Support.

@082908, Do not answer any PM/DM from this guy. Or any other person who’s not an official from SatoshiLabs, for that matter.

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Uuauuu great catch @Petosiris didn’t notice that one.

@082908 as far as I know trezor never sends emails. So don’t fall for it

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