New Cardano Accounts On Trezor Also Support AGIX On Cardano Network?

I contacted Trezor support about exchanging to AGIX tokens since they’re listed as supported in Trezor, but the in-Trezor Wallet exchange shows only AGI (old SingularityNet) tokens. I’ve read AGI tokens have been deprecated since the hardfork to AGIX. So I acquired some AGIX elsewhere and want to store them in Trezor wallet. Currently they’re on Ethereum network. If I convert to AGIX on Cardano’s network, will I be able to send these to Trezor’s Cardano/ADA account? Will the AGIX tokens show up under the main Cardano account like ERC20 tokens show up under the main Ethereum account?

I don’t want to lose the tokens because I send them to Trezor only to learn Trezor won’t support the Cardano network tokens. Thanks for any help.