New account seed phrase

Hello! I’m not sure if this question has been asked before, couldn’t find it.

After I imported my main wallet to Trezor, I created a second account #2 in the Trezor suite, so it means it’s another wallet, but I don’t know where to find the seed phrase of this second account. It never gave me it. Can you please help me find where I can get this phrase for the new account. Thank you.

According to your inference, your second account is actually derived from your mnemonic.
If you added a hidden wallet when the suite entered the wallet, please enter the correct passphrase.
But according to what you said, you may be in the following situation:
You have entered the standard wallet, click add account under btc wallet.
Then you just add account 2 under the wallet of the same coin and the same address as before will appear.
Account 2 is completely derived from the original mnemonic of the hierarchical deterministic wallet. Your mnemonic hasn’t changed.

Oh I understand… So, it means I have to buy another Trezor for another wallet? Is this possible to have two different wallet addresses of the same coin on the same one Trezor device?

I just checked, the “account 2” has a different wallet address (I went to “receive - show full address”), I’m on ethereum, not btc, if that makes any difference. Anyway, it’s a completely different wallet address, moreover, after I disconnected my Trezor device, and then connected again and opened the suite, it showed me only one account, all other accounts I added got deleted. Why this happened?

Two different wallets, Ethereum #1 is my main imported wallet and Ethereum #2 is created with “add account”. So it looks like I can receive and send tokens from and to this wallet. But there’s no seed phrase for the Ethereum #2 wallet. So if I wipe my Trezor I will never get access to the “Ethereum #2” account?

I think it should be that you did not choose to remember the wallet

You clear the device, then use your mnemonic to restore the device, and then click Add wallet in eth wallet, the eth wallet address of account 2 will be exactly the same as the current account 2 address.

To disconnect the device and the computer, just unplug the data cable, no need to eject.

I still don’t understand, sorry I’m so dummy :grinning:

If the Account #2 is a different wallet address (0x989…), why doesn’t it have its own mnemonic?

I need to understand this, bc I want to transfer my very important assets to another wallet which is safe and to which I don’t lose access.

Do I understand right that, if I use the mnemonic phrase from my 0xb6d… wallet, and then I “add account” in the suite, it automatically gives me access to this exact second wallet 0x989…?

@makiengeline there is only one seed and all your addresses are derived from it, you cannot have multiple seeds on one device.

You can have hundreds of addresses if you want to.