Need to input 24 pass phrase for every transaction


need help on fixing my issue with the setup.
notes: i have my hidden wallet configured on trezor suite

so I have my metamask in google chrome then i connected the hardware wallet.

scenario is I am playing a p2e game connected to metamask and for every transaction it is asking me for my pass phrase…

so i always need to input the 24 pass phrase seen on the image attached.

now i need help on fixing it that for every transaction i dont need to input my 24 seed phrase haha.
only by confirming on the trezor button

my trezor suite looks like this

this is NOT your seed phrase, this is Passphrase, it is like an extra 25th word that creates hidden wallet.

You have to use it carefully, because if you don’t know what you are putting into the field you will loose your coins.

I suggest to read carefully how it works, it can be anything with 50 characters, then get into the wallet till you still can and move your coins to standard wallet, standard wallet can be entered if you leave those fields empty (standard wallet is without passphrase).

Then when you learn how to actually use it, create a correct passphrase and move your coins there if you want.

hi @forgi thanks for your reply… currently i can access my coins on metamask fine and my nfts its just that for every transaction it asks for the phrase every transaction…

let me try entering the passphrase and not the 24 seed phrase and see if my coins are still there.

its a hassle for me typing 24 words every transaction haha. guess i set it up wrong

you are doing it wrong…if you type anything else you will open new empty wallet.

Technically it works, even when you are typing your seed words because you can type anything in there, but that is not how passphrase is supposed to be used.

I suggest to create different, strong passphrase and move coins there.

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well noted, thank you!

Also, I suggest you to read following article :wink: :