My wallet is empty and it shows that my bitcoin has been sent somewhere

I logged into my wallet and it shows all my bitcoin has been sent somewhere. I did not carry out any transactions so assume my wallet has been hacked. Can anyone help?

Can be hacked your passphrase if you was enter it in any software wallet or probably someone was found your passphrase.

Hi @Laurie,

as @Viktor_1BTC mentioned, if you see an unauthorized transaction it means that:

  1. Someone used your physical Trezor device to confirm the transaction

  2. Your private keys (derived from your recovery seed) were compromised and the attacker used them to sign the transaction. If your seed words are revealed, anyone can clone your wallet, including your private keys. Please, see our user manual to learn more about the recovery seed and recovery process:

there are these two likely scenarios since each transaction must be signed using the private keys of the respective address.

Hi and thankyou.
Is there anybody that can check my account for me?
Do I need a ticket?

I can see that you already opened a ticket. Please, await an answer from one of our support agents.