My Trezor was hacked

my wallet was hacked and my ether was taken away.
I did not make this transaction
the wallet was with me, the seed phrase was not known to anyone. Help me!

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Your case may be related to the unsuccessful storage of the seed phrase, for example:

  1. The seed phrase is found and photographed by someone from your acquaintances, friends or relatives.
  2. The seed phrase was stored on a digital device, and the device was compromised. Even if you once saved the seed on a flash drive or hdd in its pure form, the text file can be easily restored if someone decides to do it later.
  3. You entered the seed phrase in a software wallet that could have been compromised.
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No, it was simultaneously withdrawn from the wallet Exodus and the Trezor. Two sid-frazes could not be compromised at once. I did not enter the phrase from Trezor anywhere.

Are you sure what you never used WalletConnect feature in Exodus?

Have you installed third-party firmware on Trezor or generated a seed phrase using third-party firmware?

Did you buy an original Trezor or a used and possibly modified one from someone?

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Yes, I`m sure. And buy new original Trezor

Hi Sergey. Forget it the Trezor is suspicious. I also lost my funds and the Trezor support told the same excuses to me and everyone who lost their funds from Trezor like with you.

Trezor will not be responsible for the human factor when using the seed phrase. If you want to add an extra layer of security to your seed phrase, which could theoretically be brute force by super computers, then use a passphrase as additional 25th word.


Hi @Sergey,

I can confirm that if you had your Trezor with you (it could not have been used to sign an unauthorized transaction), the only possibility is that your recovery seed has been compromised. There is no other way for your funds to be stolen.

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Any update on your situation? Im on the same boat today saw all my $$$ gone!

I ve had my wallets hacked! recently connected two trezor one wallets to trezor and both wallet have been hacked , drained of all the holdings. My seed phrase have only ever been written down.
I have no understanding of how this has happened, getting told the same that seed must have been compromise


I just plugged my trezor yesterday and all my xrp is gone it was sent out on jan 26 2024 and i found out they got compromised on the 17 jan 2024 . My seed is stored in a adrawer nobody knows it must a firmware hack or something

Their servers got breached on jan 17 something fishy going on

In addition if he used a software wallet in conjunction with Trezor like Metamask he might allowed some website or scam permission or something. I almost fell for a similar scam but Metamask blocked the transaction and warned me that I was on the wrong website (imitation website of the real token website - very clear made scam).

Trezor has no access to your device. It’s like buying a big safe and you probably lost the key (your seed phrase) or shared it somewhere.

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Even if Trezor was hacked, the only thing they can get is customer data and not your funds. The Trezor devices don’t connect to the internet and are completely isolated.

The Trezor Suite online services are there only to for the balance check and to find brokers in the app to buy crypto.

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I can confirm that recovery seeds are stored only in the Trezor devices. Even if our servers were hacked (which hasn’t happened), the recovery seeds of our users (and funds stored in the wallets that are backed up with these recovery seeds) cannot be compromised.

Remzi im 30 years in IT behind firewalls and high security network while in bed this happened and my trezor was locked in a drawer and seed nobody knows there is something going on trust me .

My trezor in january did a firmware update and right after this i think is where it all happened . Maybe the hackers uploaded a firmware that affected some units till trezor found out about it on the 17 jan

Trezor doesn’t get your seed phrase. The Trezor devices work offline, so if you’re in IT how could this happen. You can look up the source code of your device and the source code of the Trezor Suite if you don’t believe me. It’s on GitHub.

The private keys never leave that device, otherwise that would be a major security exploit and risk.

If you believe otherwise, you can do the research and maybe even get a bug bounty. But until then I can’t believe you without any evidence of proof of exploit. The device is completely open source, so if your case is true there would already been reports by security researchers.

There are so many people using Trezor devices and looking at the code that it’s unlikely that a Trezor device is at fault here, unless you didn’t bought it directly from Trezor or didn’t verify it upon first purchase if it wasn’t tampered with.

You may work in IT, but you do know in IT we like facts, evidence and methodical proof of work/proof of exploit. So, buddy, start reading the code and tell me how an where the exploit is or start asking questions to yourself. I can’t make it clearer than this.

We have informed about what happened in these two posts. There was a phishing campaign going on at that time. Sounds like you received a phishing email an could have compromised your seed.

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