My Trezor was hacked

my wallet was hacked and my ether was taken away.
I did not make this transaction
the wallet was with me, the seed phrase was not known to anyone. Help me!

Your case may be related to the unsuccessful storage of the seed phrase, for example:

  1. The seed phrase is found and photographed by someone from your acquaintances, friends or relatives.
  2. The seed phrase was stored on a digital device, and the device was compromised. Even if you once saved the seed on a flash drive or hdd in its pure form, the text file can be easily restored if someone decides to do it later.
  3. You entered the seed phrase in a software wallet that could have been compromised.

No, it was simultaneously withdrawn from the wallet Exodus and the Trezor. Two sid-frazes could not be compromised at once. I did not enter the phrase from Trezor anywhere.

Are you sure what you never used WalletConnect feature in Exodus?

Have you installed third-party firmware on Trezor or generated a seed phrase using third-party firmware?

Did you buy an original Trezor or a used and possibly modified one from someone?

Yes, I`m sure. And buy new original Trezor

Hi Sergey. Forget it the Trezor is suspicious. I also lost my funds and the Trezor support told the same excuses to me and everyone who lost their funds from Trezor like with you.

Trezor will not be responsible for the human factor when using the seed phrase. If you want to add an extra layer of security to your seed phrase, which could theoretically be brute force by super computers, then use a passphrase as additional 25th word.

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Hi @Sergey,

I can confirm that if you had your Trezor with you (it could not have been used to sign an unauthorized transaction), the only possibility is that your recovery seed has been compromised. There is no other way for your funds to be stolen.