My trezor wallet got hacked. My account drained

I carry my trezor with me all the time - never leaves me. My seedphrase is locked in a safebox. I never have both together. Yet somehow someone was able to withdraw all my btc and eth from my wallet. How in the world could this happen? I thought this trezor thing was secure. Has this happened to anyone lately? I discovered it several days after the fact, when I went to deposit funds.

Heidi @Anibal

Sorry to here this…

Where did you purchase your trezor? Official Ressler or

The only two options for moving funds are:

1 Someone had access to your recovery seed words

2 someone had to your device

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It happened to me too. While my Trezor wallet was connected to my computer, I lost my life savings. No one had physical access to my seed or password. Trezor will not help. Gmoney recommended this wallet… worst advice I’ve ever had. Somehow hackers can access the wallet online…not secure!

Hi @timothee400,

as @rimaS mentioned in the previous post, there are only two likely scenarios of how your funds could have been stolen, since each transaction must be signed using the private keys of the respective address.

  1. Someone used your physical Trezor device to confirm the transaction

  2. Your private keys (derived from your recovery seed) were compromised and the attacker used them to sign the transaction. If your seed words are revealed, anyone can clone your wallet, including your private keys. Please, see our user manual to learn more about the recovery seed and recovery process:

There are no recorded cases of Trezor being hacked online.