My recent BTC transaction is not showing up in Histrory


   I transferred .25 something BTC from my Trezor Model One to Ledger Nano S + earlier today. The transaction was successful as I approved it on the USB device of trezor. I switched back to my ledger nano S + to see if it was received however up to know there is no balance showing that transaction. I don't know where to start. Please help me. Thank you!

you have the send to address shown on trezor suite, yes
does this match the receive address on the ledger?

does it match exactly?
get the send to address and look it up on the blockchain to see what’s happened

Yes, It match exactly. I had updated my trezor suit to the new version and I reset the app itself as an initial troubleshooting, it showed the BTC that I sent as pending. I thought I will receive my BTC to my ledger account however upon checking just now, the amount is still not there. When I opened the trezor, the history of the transaction is gone again. I might need to reset and update the application again.

so depending on what transaction fee you paid, it might takes days to go through.
until then you wont see it on ledger.
Personally I would use just about any other hardware wallet than ledger.